Oakfields History

International sales of sports, racing and historic cars

Oakfields : Historic, Sports and Racing CarsOakfields is a UK based company established in 1975 by Ian Donaldson, and specialises in the worldwide procurement and sale of important sports racing and historic cars.

This is illustrated by the diverse, interesting and at times most unusual stock held at their premises deep in rural Hampshire

  • Ferrari F50 one of only three cars
  • Mclaren F1 GT and GTR
  • Alfa T33 V12 Tipo 1974 world championship car
  • Rothmans Porsche 956 & 962 Primagaz 962
  • Bentley Azure Mulliner the last customer delivered car.
  • Jaguar “D” and “C” Type
  • Rothmans ex works Escort STW 201R

With a leaning towards motorsport, over the years Oakfields have bought and sold many important and famous competition cars, along with the current stock these include an ex works Mercedes CLK GTR race car, the "Primagaz" Le Mans Porsche 962 car, and a Jaguar D type which we raced for a number of years, along with a large number of 'Ex-Works' rally and race cars.

Motorsport has been a key element of the company's marketing strategy. The founder, Ian Donaldson, has raced at international level in the UK, Europe, Australia and North America, specialising in endurance racing.

Ian won the FIA Endurance Championship in 2000 and has competed in 24-hour races at Nurburgring and Bathurst on a total of 12 occasions. In the earlier years rallying was a key focus, again success came in 1986 when he won the British Tarmac Rally Championship in a Group B, MG Metro 6R4.

Visit our gallery to see some of the interesting and unusual cars we have owned or if you are a motor sport enthusiast you might like to visit our motorsport page to see the array of cars (and bikes) we have raced over the years and what our current projects are.

In recent years the company has diversified into the area of commodity brokering and Oakfields now operates as an international organisation that specialises in the sale and procurement of a vast range of items.